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Renato Balestra is one of Italy’s most respected couturiers. Despite undertaking an academic career in engineering, Renato Balestra had a deepseated interest in fashion, music, and opera. With that in mind, he moved to Rome to pursue his dream of establishing the ‘Renato Balestra’ fashion label. He quickly rose to global prominence, and created over 30 lines ranging from Haute Couture to ready-to-wear. His fine detailing, opulent designs, and glamorous creations have been much sought after by heads of state, celebrities, and leading personalities the world over. His private clients include prestigious such as Empress Farah Diba, the Queen of Thailand, the first ladies of the Philippines and Egypt, and Saudi Arabian Princesses. Beyond fashion, he has also been instrumental in creating a number of stunning collections for many of the world’s leading theatrical and operatic performances. A career spanning over 55 years, he is undoubtedly one of couture’s most esteemed designers.

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