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Our latest award winner in the fashion journalism category originally worked in investment banking for Goldman Sachs before deciding to take a risk on a career in fashion. As her career in fashion journalism developed she successfully pursued such opportunities as the editor-in-chief role at Marie Claire Hong Kong and editorial director at Elle China. When this formidable lady launched Vogue magazine in Mainland China she was the global magazine’s youngest ever editor. When critics said the Vogue China would not work and that the country was ‘not sophisticated enough’ she worked twice as hard. The first Vogue China print run of 300,000 was so short of demand that it had to be printed again twice. Today, under her leadership, Vogue China has more than double the readership of several of its Western counterparts. Furthermore the magazine puts out sixteen editions a year with a print circulation of 1.8 million copies. Our winner has also successfully augmented this with an innovative web and tablet strategy, with more than 3.7 million young followers on Sina Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter and 1.7 million users who have  downloaded the Vogue Mini App.

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