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In the world of fashion the right picture can make or break a dress or indeed a designer. But in the hands of the right photographer the designer and stylist can have their work elevated to true art. Nick Knight's inimitable work is instantly recognised around the world and his renowned skills are sought out by luxury fashion brands and superstar performers alike. In 2016, for the Queen's 90th birthday, He was selected by the Buckingham Palace to photograph official portraits of HRH Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Charles. And Knight is the only artist in the world who has filmed an entire campaign for the prominent fashion brand on his Iphone. Seventeen years ago our winner opened his world renowned Showstudio and within a year was shooting music videos for the likes of Björk, Massive Attack and Lady Gaga. Nick Knight's Showstudio is renowned for working with many new and emerging talents in fashion and the arts. This was no doubt one of the reasons that saw him appointed an honorary professor at University of the Arts London. This respected institution also awarded him an honorary Ph.D.

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