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The Official Launch of the ACF in China was held at the Water Town Hotel, Miyun District of Beijing. Miyun is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with stunning mountains, lakes, rivers and scenery. It is located an hour and a half of Beijing’s main urban area and is a district of Beijing. The area is home to the world-renowned Gubei Water Town, and the Simatai Great Wall. This landmark moment could not have been achieved without the support and partnership of the Miyun District Government. Mr. Pan Linzhu, District Mayor of Miyun Beijing had said "China has deeper and wider communication with the world in the past forty years. With the coming of the ACF to Miyun, Chinese designers can better communicate with the international fashion industry while carrying forward its culture. Miyun will help the ACF to bridge Chinese fashion talents with international designers." As such, the ACF was honoured to recognise the Miyun District Government with its Patron of the Arts Award, which was received by Mr. Li Guanghui (Deputy District Mayor of Miyun, Beijing). 

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