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At the inaugural Jinan in Style International Fashion Week ACG Awards Gala, the ACF awarded one of it highest awards - the 'Patron of the Arts'. The ACF has long recognised the importance of partners and individuals who have contributed to the success of the ACF in delivering its projects and initiatives. As such, these Patron of the Arts Awards are given on a select basis. This year, the ACF was delighted to present such an award to the Jinan Daily Newspaper Group. The Jinan Daily Newspaper Group is one of the most respected newspapers and media outlets in China. It is known for the quality of its publications and business practices. The group has established a diversified development strategy with the newspaper industry as its main focus. They have been very supportive of the Jinan in Style International Fashion Week and their coverage has helped to ensure the values of heritage, creativity and artistry that both the ACF and Jinan represents will be reported to millions of people. Accordingly, Mr. Zi Yan, representative of the Jinan Daily Newspaper Group collected the award from Dr. Frank Cintamani and Ms. Emily Hwang. 

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