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Yumi Katsura is a bridal fashion designer born in Tokyo, Japan and is known as one of the world’s most prolific designers. Her wedding dresses are considered modern masterpieces. In 1964, she launched a line of dresses in a wide range of fabrics—from silks to laces—and became known for using innovative fashion techniques. As a result, she was a leading choice in Japanese bridal fashion. Yumi started her business during a time when Japanese wedding design began to incorporate Western influence, yet she never failed to promote the compatibility of the East and West in wedding ceremonies. It was through her efforts of looking at Japanese bridal history and creating high-quality dresses that appealed to Japanese women with simple, stylish designs that led Katsura to the top of the ready-made wedding fashion world. As such, the ACF was honoured to recognise her with its award for Outstanding Contribution to Economic & Cultural Diplomacy. 

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