COUTURíSSIMO is a groundbreaking pilot project that was conceptualised and developed by the Asian Couture Federation. As part of the ACF's remit to develop new and innovative business platforms, this trial initiative sought to extend the reach of global, best-in-class designers by providing a bridge between couture and ready-to-wear. COUTURíSSIMO is a multi-designer brand that focuses on collaborations with exceptional couture designers from across the globe. 

As a pilot project, it was created as an initial smaller-scale implementation of a larger vision to create commercial avenues for our Member Designers and ensure the longevity of the Couture industry. It has also sought to provide a route to financial success particularly for Asian and for selected couture designers around the world. 

"We are trying to democratise the exclusivity of haute couture, which I think is a little superfluous in this day and age, couture is an extravagance that not many people can indulge in and I think it's a waste of the particular designer's creativity because we've seen a lot of amazing couture designers who have had to shut their businesses because they can't make the commercial aspect of couture house financially viable", says Dr. Frank Cintamani, who conceptualised COUTURíSSIMO and is also the Founding President of the Asian Couture Federation (ACF). 

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