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Emily Hwang is an established international property investor who has expanded her business to actively invest in fashion brands and couture houses. In addition to wide-ranging retail and property development investments, her strong business skills have been increasingly focused on the successful management of luxury brands on an international basis.


Ms. Hwang is a passionate collector of French Haute Couture and Italian couture as well as being a champion supporter of Asian couturiers. As such, she is actively sought out as a key speaker on couture, luxury, and fashion. In her capacity as Vice President of the ACF, Emily was invited to the United Nations in New York on the occasion of the International Women’s Day in 2014 to provide her perspective and insight on the empowerment of women. Emily is

passionate about the ACF’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and

sustainable global citizenry. While in New York, with the UN, she had the opportunity to present the work practices undertaken by the ACF in these areas.


As Vice President of the ACF, Emily's role is crucial in shoring up the collaborative support of couturiers, organisations and designers internationally. She is an “Ambassador at Large” for the ACF’s member designers and pivotal in representing their creative work to a wider audience. Emily's contribution to fashion was recognised by her appointment as a Governor of the Council of Fashion Designers of Korea in 2016.

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