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Furne One, designer and owner of the brand, Amato Haute Couture, has never been in higher demand. Celebrated for his natural ability to craft extravagant and artistic designs, the Dubai-based designer has quickly made his way up the fashion ladder and is one of the most anticipated designers on the global fashion stage.


With an inherent passion for couture, Furne fearlessly shows out-of-the-box, unconventional yet outstandingly chic collections. He does not follow trends, but rather uses his fabric as a canvas for creating fine art that has the functionality of fashion. Originally from the Philippines, Furne was entranced by fashion from an early age, having inherited his mother’s love for beautiful clothes. A precocious talent, he began sketching designs from the age of ten. In demand on the Fashion Week circuits of Los Angeles, Dubai, London, and Miami, Furne has been winning accolades with every show.




  • MEGA Magazine Young Designer of the Philippines Award in 1994

  • First prize at Japan’s Women’s Wear Awards

  • Finalist at Manila’s Fashion Designer Awards

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