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Chief Governor


A businessman as well as Guo Pei's husband, Jack has been a formidable force behind this Chinese couture powerhouse. The CEO of Rose Studio Fashion Co since 1997, he is responsible for making his wife's designs a global fashion business as well as championing China's acumen for couture and bespoke creativity in the past two decades. A spokesperson and a key driving enabler of Guo Pei's couture house across the world, he is an accomplished advocate for Chinese creativity and craftsmanship. In recognition of his extensive and considerable support of the ACF and in furthering its mission, Jack was elevated to the position of Chief Governor at the ACF Awards Gala in Jinan, Shandong Province on the 19th November 2019. In this role, Jack assumes the most senior responsibility for the Governor's Committee and ensures a coordinated approach from its membership. 

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