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With his talent, charisma and classic good looks, Keita Maruyama is a unique designer from a bold new generation of Japanese couturiers. Keita learned his craft and exquisite tailoring whilst attending the famous Bunka Fashion College, and upon graduation, his inimitable designs, both risque and theatrical, were soon in demand from singers, actresses, and musicians. Although inspired by the avant-garde Japanese fashion scene, his designs also

provide a conduit to express his passion for the ‘kimono spirit’ of a more refined era.


Keita creates for women who like to dress, women who are not afraid to dress up and to wear clothes for special occasions. His fetish figure is very Fifties, incorporating a small embroidered cardigan with a voluminous skirt. In each collection, he designs a few evening gowns. Embroidered flowers regularly appear in his work, and in the kimono tradition, they

follow the seasons. As a result, celebrities such as Dita von Teese and Mischa Barton have become fans and customers.


In 1997, Keita realized his dream of showing his collection at Paris Fashion Week. He has launched several lifestyle lines in addition to his modern kimonos, including nightwear and eyewear. In 2013 he launched his high-end collection, “KEITA MARUYAMA” and designed the uniforms for JL (Japan Airline).



  • Newcomer Prize, Mainichi Grand Fashion Prix, 1996

  • Shiseido Sponsorship Award, 1996

  • Japan Fashion Editor Club Award, 1998

  • Japan Buyer’s Award “Creative Designers Prize”, 1998

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