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ISSUE was established in 1999. The brand is immediately discernable due to its distinctive style, the designs of which are often full of vibrant colours and energy whilst incorporating a nostalgic Asian charm. The labels bold, geometric patterns featured notably in Tyra Bank’s
‘America’s Next Top Model’ Season 6. ISSUE clothes have been featured in many fashion magazines including Teen Vogue and L’Officiel Paris.

After graduating from Bangkok’s Faculty of Fine Arts, Roj decided to open a single store that would ultimately become the brand, Issue. The company logo is reminiscent of the Thai script and illustrates the designer’s pride in his country. Roj is also a keen follower of the Dalai Lama’s teachings, who once said, “Stopping is surrendering. Never give up,
no matter what happen.” This ethos dovetails with the designer’s energy and explains his willingness to travel to absorb new experiences and seek out new fabrics.


● DFA Bronze Award 2009 Fashion Accessories by Design for Asia Awards 2009
● Guest Judge in America's Next Top Model for the finale fashion show 2006
● Best Fashion Show of the Year Award, by Hiso Party magazine.

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