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Vice President of ACF Emily Hwang at the United Nations on International Women’s Day

To commemorate International Women’s Day, Emily Hwang, Vice President of the Asian Couture Federation (ACF), was invited to the United Nations headquarters in New York to share her perspective and insight on the empowerment of women. She was joined by some of the most respected and influential leaders from the world of business, fashion, media and philanthropy. Though a staunch believer in charity and philanthropy, Emily related that her focus has shifted to providing platforms and opportunities to support those who need it.

Being involved in the ACF has allowed her to do such as the organisation works tirelessly to raise awareness, celebrate and promote elite Asian designers on an international scale through an Asian platform. Through the ACF, Emily is determined to inspire talented, capable Asian women to rise to global challenges and make creative breakthroughs in the field of haute couture design. She reinstated that Asia will lose their homegrown talent to the Western world if it doesn’t provide its upcoming designers an effective, sound platform to nurture and develop their craft, and showcase their creations.

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