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Haute couture advocate Emily Hwang strikes a pose for Art Republik

In an eloquent editorial piece that honours her efforts and passion for haute couture, local art publication, Art Republik, gives its readers a peek into the life and mind of avid couture collector and Asian Couture Federation Vice President, Emily Hwang. The article, published in the magazine’s latest March to May 2014 issue titled “The Cheri of Haute Couture”, gives a glimpse into Emily’s enviable personal couture wardrobe with a fabulous monochrome photoshoot capturing the missus in her own couture pieces. Narrated in detail were inspiring topics such as the origins of FIDé Fashion Weeks and an enriching revelation of the history, structure, significance and spirit of haute couture. At the end, it also suggested the possible end-of-year release of a film that will take audience behind the heavily-guarded doors of ateliers and into the exquisite world of haute couture, alongside Emily, as she not only talks business with couturiers but relishes in fabulous fittings as well.

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