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Vietnamese Designer – Nguyen Cong Tri <br><br><br>

A tour of renowned Vietnamese designer, Nguyen Cong Tri’s boutique

Earlier this month, ACF Founding President, Dr Frank Cintamani and Vice President (VP) Emily Hwang was taken on an exclusive tour around top Vietnamese designer Nguyen Cong Tri’s KIN by Cong Tri boutique. Comprising two floors, the main level reveals a display of the latest collections by the designer while the second level undertakes as an archive wardrobe showroom, presenting a selection of several of his most exquisite collectable pieces – all of which are not for sale. During the session, the Saigon native himself was present to showcase and explain the inspirations and processes that result in his intricate designs and luxurious creations. The award-winning Ho Chi Minh Architecture University graduate is respected as a pioneering couturier in Vietnam and his collections recognised by the enriching stories they tell. This, perhaps, was what had VP Emily Hwang hooked and proceeding to try on some of his designs. Said to belong to an esteemed group called ‘Golden Generation Designers’, Nguyen Cong Tri is celebrated as an influential figure who has helped create and shape the vibrancy of the Vietnamese fashion industry as it is known today.

ベトナムの有名デザイナー、Nguyen Cong Tri 氏のブティックを訪問。

今月上旬、ACF のフランク・シンタマーニ創業会長とエミリー・ファン同副会長がベトナムのトップデザイナーのブティック「KIN by Cong Tri」を訪ねました。2階建てのメインフロアーには最新コレクションが、2階のショールームには歴代コレクションの数々が展示されています。ホーチミン出身の Nguyen Cong Tri 氏は、コレクション1つ1つについて、何からインスピレーションを得てどのように創り出していくのかを丁寧に説明してくれました。ドレスの美しさに惹かれたエミリー副会長は、何度か試着を繰り返していました。地元の建築大学を卒業し、ベトナムのクチューリエ第一人者として信望を集めたNguyen Cong Tri 氏は、ベトナムの「ゴールデン世代のデザイナー」の1人と言われてます。

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