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French Dinner Affair <br><br><br>


Earlier this month, FIDé Fashion Weeks played host to a bevy of esteemed guests from the fashion industry in a private gala dinner. The glamorous affair took place within the opulently appointed Grand Salon at one the most exclusives address in Paris.

今月上旬、FIDé Fashion Weeks 主催の晩餐会がパリで行われ、大勢の業界関係者やゲストと共にプライベートガラディナーのテーブルを囲みました。

Asian Couture Federation Founding President, Dr Frank Cintamani, was in attendance to usher into the venue space notable personalities not only from Europe, the Far East and the Middle East, representing a truly international network of influencers in the fashion industry.

ACF のフランク・シンタマーニ会長はヨーロッパのみならず、アジアや中東から集まったゲストに迎え入れられ、会場は国際的な有力者の社交場さながらの様子でした。

Satisfying the palates of the international crowd, a chefs from a 2 starred Michelin restaurant exclusively prepared a fine dining menu offering a gastronomic selection of exquisite dishes for each course. For starters, the choice was between a white asparagus “meuniere” with citrus fruit sabayon mousse and a cooked Norwegian salmon served warm-chilled with wasabi egg cream and a vegetable salad drizzled with yuzu sauce. For mains, it was between a blue lobster casserole roasted with herbs and Guerande salt and a roasted veal with lemon verbena and truffled potato mousseline. And for dessert, guests could choose between the Opera by the Head Pastry Chef François Perret, which comes plated with a light bitter chocolate biscuit and raspberry cream, and a red fruit cheesecake served with strawberry juice.


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