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Frederick Lee Takes on Russia<br/><br/><br/>

On May 28, Asian Couturier Extraordinaire Frederick Lee fulfilled another first in his career: partaking in a high-profile fashion event in Vladivostok, Russia. The affair, known as Pacific Style Week 2014, saw the Singapore native reveal through a runway show his mythical collection, “Inspiration”. Models, clad in floor-sweeping gowns sewn with exotic feathers and dark embellishments, appeared to be majestic gothic queens of the birds. Lee’s use of strong architectural shoulders, aviator caps, and dark-hued makeup further accentuated the extraordinary theme of the show. In a bid to draw audience even further to the edges of their seat, Lee unleashed a creature – one that proudly flaunted (with hands on her hips) her regal gold curved antlers, her glistening black-and-gold eagle wing cape, and her extravagant mermaid gown, complete with black sequins and a feathered skirt.

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