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Sebastian Gunawan ‘Melange Des Sens’ Collection <br/><br/>

Asian Couture Federation Founding President Dr. Frank Cintamani, ACF Governor Yuki Sakaguchi and the ACF team paid a visit to Jakarta Indonesia, for Asian Couturier Extraordinaire Sebastian Gunawan’s latest couture showcase titled, ‘‘MÉLANGE DES SENS.” This was shortly after his Ready-to-Wear show, “Golden Allure” held at the luxurious Mulia Hotel.

Taking inspiration from Danish painter, Johan Laurentz Jenses famous for his still life flower paintings in the 17th century, Sebastian created a 60-piece collection for the highly anticipated runway show on the Closing Night of Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014, presented by HERWORLD magazine.

‘‘MÉLANGE DES SENS.” is a French word derived from the meaning ‘mixture of senses’, and Sebastian’s collection mirrored his interpretation in observance of Jensen’s paintings.

The contradictory senses of masculinity against femininity, light against darkness is apparent consistently throughout the collection; which consisted of constructive yet feminine silhouettes, exuding a mysterious yet flirty sensibility. For the collection, Sebastian employed his signature style with the deft use of delicate fabrics featuring the delicate overlaying of laces, damask and taffeta. The color palette was primarily inspired by Jenses’ paintings – depicting a darker colour tone, with a heavy use of fuchsia, green, purple, and gold.

Even at the pinnacle of the couture artistry in Indonesia, Sebastian Gunawan continues to push creative boundaries by re-inventing his savoir-faire with the combining of delicate traditional fabrics with bold structured shapes.

Driven by a relentless spirit of innovation and a determination to continually push boundaries, Sebastian Gunawan continues to lead the Indonesia fashion industry as a prominent national designer and ambassador of fashion.

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