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ACF Awards – Couture for a Cause <br/><br/><br/>

Since its inception the Asian Couture Federation has placed a significant importance on philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. Its guiding role to nurture and promote the very best couture talent in Asia is a testament to that.

However, it is also reflected through the many charitable endeavours of the Asian Couture Federation’s Executive Board, governors and member designers, who have supported numerous causes around the world worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

As such, the Awards Gala took a special moment to recognise two key individuals who have been instrumental in supporting the mission of the Asian Couture Federation to inspire support, and promote the highest levels of Asia-based fashion design artistry to the Asian and global markets. Their generosity and support has been key to the ability of the Asian Couture Federation’s cause to extend its reach and influence on the world stage, so as to fulfill its mission of promoting couture talents in Asia.

Mrs. Mimi Wong, Chairman of the Golden Group was bestowed upon the title, “Patron of the Arts for Couture” by Mr. Kenzo Takada, Honorary President of the Asian Couture Federation. Despite a hectic life as one of Australia’s most respected entrepreneurs, and members of the business community she is an ardent philanthropist. A champion of numerous charities, she has a particular interest in supporting patients requiring urgent organ transplants. She has also been generous in her patronage of the Asian Couture Federation and this support was duly recognised and applauded.

The Asian Couture Federation’s highest honour was also presented during the evening to Mr. Andy Wong, Chairman of the YC Wong Foundation, for his continuous and invaluable support of the arts and education through endless dedication and commitment to philanthropy. Indeed, his passionate commitment to helping the underprivileged has been acknowledged by some of the most respected world figures including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, President SR Nathan, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, U.S President Bill Clinton and His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor.

Accordingly, the Asian Couture Federation conferred upon him the title “Doctor Honoris Causa.” Given its educational status, the honorary doctorate was presented by Mr. Giuseppe Spinelli of Raffles Design Institute and Mrs. Dominique Savard, Founder of Paris’ prestigious fashion school, Atelier Chardon Savard. Befitting the moment, Dr. Andy Wong was suitably robed and his contribution celebrated by everyone present.

The focus on philanthropy continued with a special auction undertaken by one of Australia’s most engaging auctioneers, Mr. Tiny Holly. As a self funded organization, the Asian Couture Federation relies heavily on the generosity and support of individuals and the auction was a key means of achieving this. Frantic bidding for four ‘couture experiences’ ensured that funds were raised to enable the ACF to maintain its independence and to fulfill its lofty goals.

Beyond the beauty of the couture which was integral to the Awards Gala evening, it was fitting that the support and generosity of a number of individuals could be recognised, which also underpinned the Asia Couture Federations’ belief that couture was also for a worthy cause.

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