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ACF Awards – The World of Global Couture <br/><br/>

With over 400 guests many of whom had travelled from around the world, the Asian Couture Federation Awards Gala proved to be the most prominent fashion awards ceremony to take place in Asia.

Beyond recognising leading regional and global creative talents, the Awards Gala was a veritable journey through the ‘world of couture’. Guests were given a unique insight into this highest form of fashion. Over the course of the evening the artistry, creativity and craftsmanship of couture was revealed in four stunning shows from the world’s top couturiers represented by AltaRoma, the MENA Couture Council, La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and the Asian Couture Federation.

The first show of the evening reflected the Asian Couture Federation’s close collaboration with Italy’s AltaRoma, which oversees the Italian couture. Bringing a sense of style and femininity to the runway was couture maestro – Renato Balestra. One of AltaRoma’s most esteemed couturiers whose work underscores the qualities of ‘made in Italy.’ His ethereal collection of silks, chiffons and brocades incorporated delicate embroidery and jewels. A firm favourite of Royalty and heads of state guests were enthralled with the upbeat Riviera style music, which accompanied his collection.

Providing an altogether different view was the highly anticipated couture collection by Basil Soda. Based in Beirut, Lebanon, he is one of the most acclaimed designers in the Middle East. He is also MCC Couturier Extraordinaire of the newly formed Middle East and North African Couture Council, which operates under the auspices of the Asian Couture Federation. Perhaps reflecting the warmth of the Middle East, the collection was in warm pastel tones, the yellow and orange hues embellished with flower motifs. Such creations are regularly seen on the red carpet in Cannes, New York and London, and the Asian Couture Federation was delighted that Mr. and Mrs. Soda had flown in from Beirut, Lebanon, to be there that evening.

No journey through the world of couture could be complete without a nod to the original home of couture, which is of course Paris. World renowned and respected it has led the way in promoting this rarified form of fashion. Ultimately all couture is an expression of the vision and creativity of the couturier. Underscoring this, guests were treated to an exclusive showcase of six members from the La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Boasting the renowned names of Grand Couturiers – Stephane Rolland, Alexis Mabille, Maurizio Galante, and Christophe Josse and Invited Members Julien Fournie, and On Aura Tout Vu by Yassen Samouilov and Livia Stoianova. With such a diverse array of Paris based couturiers, the audience was captivated by the intricacy, beauty and range of the pieces.

Bringing the global journey of couture to a close was a special runway show featuring 34 exquisite pieces from Asian Couture Federation’s member designers. As both Asian Couturier Extraordinaire and Invited Members, they represent the most exceptional couture talent in the region. While each may have their own distinctive vision, personality and style, they share the same exceptional levels of attention to detail and craftsmanship. It proved to be a rousing end to the evening, demonstrating the depth of creative couture talent that exists in Asia. It also proved to be a decisive conclusion to the evening’s journey through the world of couture.

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