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Furne One returns to the Dubai Fashion Forward runway <br/><br/>

As one of the Asian Couture Federation’s latest inducted Senior Member, Dubai-based Furne One of Amato is known for his creative flair and expert knowledge of fabrics that sets him apart from his contemporaries. From gothic-inspired couture to whimsical prêt-a-porter and classic silhouettes, Furne One combines signature cuts with lavish materials and trained embellishment techniques to create masterpieces that breaks the glass ceilings of couture traditions. And, this constant pushing of creative boundaries and desire for innovation has led to the flourishing of the Amato brand from just being a Dubai label, into a truly global one. Catching the eye of the fashion community while working fashion week circuit in Los Angeles, Dubai and London, Furne One has earned himself a significant following from the most prominent celebrities and royalties.

For the 5th season of Fashion Forward, Dubai’s definitive fashion platform, the Amato House showcased yet another eclectic collection which celebrates the many facets of the modern woman – expressive, strong, with soaring self-respect and the confidence to revel in the power of her femininity. Generous measures of denim were also weaved into the mix of lavish materials and rich textures, reflecting edginess while keeping with the elegance and glamorous nature of couture

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