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Asian Couture Federation in Seoul <br/><br/><br/>

The preeminent success of the Korean entertainment industry, driven by the ubiquitous K-Pop phenomenon has propelled the metropolitan city into the forefront of the global fashion market. Consumers from around the world are feverishly looking up to their favourite K-Pop stars for the next modish fashion trends, who more often than not, are big supporters of local designers’ creations.

This July, the Asian Couture Federation (ACF) Founding President, Dr. Frank Cintamani, immersed himself into the epicenter of the Hallyu wave in a whirlwind trip to Seoul.

The first pit stop was a visit to the MCM’s brand new spaced-themed store, MCM SPACE, located in the bustling Myeong-Dong shopping district where Dr. Cintamani met with the inspirational Mrs. Kim Sung-Joo, Chairperson of the MCM Group and also an appointed governor of the ACF.

To say that Mr. Songzio is one of the most prolific designers in Korea is probably a fair statement; in fact, his laudable menswear line has consistently been scheduled on the coveted Paris Fashion Week line-up in recent years. The opportunity to sit down and hear his candid views on everything from couture, to the Korean fashion industry to his future plans was definitely a rewarding and enjoyable experience for the ACF.

Similar to the hereditary customs of the Korean Chaebols, the mastermind behind the Lie Sang Bong brand is a highly creative and talented father-son dynamic duo. It is no wonder why the brand remains so relevant in a climate of constantly changing consumer taste and preferences. During the recent visit, Dr. Cintamani and Ms. Emily Hwang had the pleasure of playing host to the legendary Lie Sang Bong, who apart from being an esteemed member of the ACF, is also now the President of the Council of Fashion Designers of Korea!

Korea has certainly become a very special place for the Asian Couture Federation, and we look forward to many more of such enriching meetings with our members, and hearing their success stories.

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