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COUTURíSSIMO banquet in Paris<br><br>

Our colleagues and trusted partners ,who serve the company dutifully, have worked extremely hard to get us to this point of readiness and the moment at which we will present our brand and concept to millions of potential customers.’

Talking to his esteemed guests, partners and ACF Governors this was just a glimpse of a very inspirational speech by the ACF President, dr Frank Cintamani on the eve of COUTURíSSIMO pre-launch in Paris. On this occasion, the founder of COUTURiSSIMO welcomed more than 70 leading members of the fashion industry to the splendour of Shangri-La hotel in the French capital where the cocktails were served at Salon de Famille followed by the lavish dinner at the Grand Salon. The eve was a full-on celebration not only of COUTURíSSIMO as a brand but also of it’s unique story and aesthetics,wonderfully fused with a top Parisian address as the backdrop. With an ambiance enchanted by the flower arrangements from the leading Parisian florist and the live tune of a top classical guitarist, this was a heavenly COUTURiSSIMO evening in the fashion capital of the world.

As much as COUTURíSSIMO, headquartered in London, has representation from England, France, China, Dubai, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore the guests at the dinner were also very much in-tuned with brand’s international DNA, all of them being recognised fashion industry ‘movers and shakers’ in their respective countries. Alongside the ACF Governors such as Cindy Zhang (Chinadawn) Jack Tsao (Guo Pei) and Kenny Kim (MCM) the Parisian eve gathered ACF‘ Couturiers Extraordinaire’ Ezra Santos and Guo Pei as well as ACF’s honorary president, the legendary Kenzo Takada ready to applaud their ACF colleagues, Sebastian Gunawan and his stylish wife and partner, Cristina Panarese, Michael Cinco as well as On Aura Tout Vu’s, Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov,on their finely executed, COUTURíSSIMO capsule-collections.

Style wise this black-tie event also saw a selection of COUTURiSSIMO designs displayed skilfully on a number of mannequins around the regal salons of the venue. Still, COUTURiSSIMO as a brand became truly alive adorning the host of uber-chic lady guests such as the ACF Vice President, Emily Hwang, the South-Korean pop-princess, Kim Hyuna ( HyuanA) as well as stunning actresses, Taya Starling and Praya Lundberg. The COUTURiSSIMO line up of brand ambassadors was complete with a presence of Social Media influencers, Willabelle Ong (Pale Division) and Shini Park (Cube Collective)

Prior to enjoying the exquisite menu as devised by the establishment’s top chef, the founder of COUTURíSSIMO and the president of Asian Couture Federation, Dr Frank Cintamani , also presented the brand’s corporate video as a fitting introduction to a beautiful fashion story that was about to unfold.

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