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Man of the Hour – with Dylan Jones of LC:M and BFC team <br/>

A central focus of the Asian Couture Federation has been the promotion and exposure of member designers and Asian fashion talent to a global audience. As part of this the Executive Board of the ACF has consistently sought to foster close relationships with leading fashion organisations around the world such as the British Fashion Council ( BFC) The BFC has successfully overseen the evolution and the prominence of the London fashion industry globally and it has also been pivotal in establishing the London Collections: Men (LC:M)

London Collections: Men promotes both the creative and commercial DNA of British menswear brands and emerging talent as well as the rich cultural landscape that contributes to the inspiration and success of this platform. In line with this they are currently developing international content and have extended an invitation for a leading ACF Governor and a designer, Song Zio, to present at LC:M this coming June.

Heralding the momentum, Dr. Frank Cintamani, Ms. Emily Hwang and Song Zio met with the senior management of the British Fashion Council (BFC) and in particular, Dylan Jones, the OBE, and the editor of GQ ( UK) who also serves as the Chairman of LC:M. They were joined by Lauren Hinson, the showcasing manager at the BFC who oversees the presentation schedule at LC:M.

This meeting was also a great opportunity for Song Zio himself to talk about his creative process and to present some of his seminal pieces to Dylan Jones who was evidently fascinated with the work and attention to detail that goes into Song Zio’s design. A meeting of minds, Dylan Jones and Song Zio talked about his forthcoming collection and how this will bring a valuable dimension to LC:M when showcased in front of the international audience of top media and buyers.

Song Zio and Dr. Frank Cintmani also talked about the value of the Asian menswear market to the fashion industry overall and it’s prominence in the past few years. The element of a key importance to the British Fashion Council and LC:M as it seeks a more international focus in expanding its footprint into valuable overseas markets.

The group photo-opportunity sealed the summit of these key leaders of the menswear world.

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