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Vatit Itthi at Elle Fashion Week 2014 <br/><br/><br/>

Asian Couture Federation Invited Member Vatit Itthi showcased their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection to an audience of Thailand and indeed Asia’s fashion elite at the recent Elle Fashion Week in Bangkok earlier this year. The primarily monochromatic collection which incorporated subtle beiges and bursts of flair was received with critical and audience acclaim for the Thai duo’s impeccable craftsmanship and eye for trend.

For their most recent collection, the creative duo drew inspiration from the stylish women domiciled at the South of France, where dainty summer dresses and glamorous evening gowns are staples. Sweeping floor length pieces, executed with casual relaxed tailoring and sophistication, were finished to perfection with the use of contrasting silhouettes, a myriad of differernt materials and meticulous embroidery by hand.

Additionally, in celebration of Elle Thailand’s 20th anniversary the pair presented 2 unique couture creations for the Elle 20th Anniversary Celebration: Fashion Tribute Collection where they presented alongside 21 of Thailand’s foremost design talent.

The who’s who of Thailand’s design elite came together to pay tribute to the late Lamyong Boonyarataphan who significantly influenced the local fashion industry through not only Rapee Couture but also the Rapee Institution of Fashion. The celebrated duo’s creations aimed to fuse Rapee Couture’s ‘Thainess’ with the modern aesthetic of the Vatit Itthi brand by utilising Thai silk decorated with modern art, to a mesmerising effect.

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