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ACF Indonesia Dinner at the Raffles Hotel<br><br>

In recognition of the tremendous creativity and talent of our member designers in Indonesia, Dr. Frank Cintamani, Founding President of the Asian Couture Federation, hosted a special ACF Private Dinner at the Raffles Hotel , Jakarta on the 29th April. Bringing the ACF Indonesia family of Governors, Member Designers and supporters together this included Ibu Dian M. Muljadi (Governor, Indonesia), Sebastian Gunawan and Christina Panarese (Asian Couturier Extraordinaire), Tex Saverio (Invited Member), Rinaldy A. Yunardi (Jewellery & Accessories Designer). They were joined by Yuki Sakaguchi (Governor, Japan), and Marc Piton (Director, French Institute), Livia Stoianova (International Couturier Extraordinaire) and Yassen Samouilov (International Couturier Extraordinaire).

Long time supporters of the ACF in Indonesia, Ibu Rina Ciputra Sastrawinata (President, Artpreneur) and Richard Schestak (General Manager, Raffles Hotel) were also in attendance. An informal event, guests enjoyed fine wines, champagne and a gourmet dinner of local Indonesian cuisine and the chance to catch up and network to the sounds of one of Jakarta's leading emerging music groups. To round off the evening, Dr. Frank Cintamani, surprised the ACF Governor of Japan, Yuki Sakaguchi with a special birthday surprise of four cakes and a stirring rendition of happy birthday in English, Bahasa Indonesia and French.

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