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COUTURiSSIMO Salon Privé Event in Jakarta <br>

The ACF brand COUTURíSSIMO brought the exciting fashion tradition of exclusive Parisian-style salon privé shows to Jakarta. In a place so fast-moving, Jakarta is consolidating a well-earned reputation for unique creativity, youthful exuberance and a population of enthusiastic patrons for both talented indigenous and international designers and artists.

From the 9th to the 11th of August an invitation-only guest list enjoyed access to COUTURíSSIMO’s latest couture-infused collection created by several of the Asian Couture Federation’s (ACF) noted couturiers. The ACF Indonesia Governor, Mrs Dian M Muljadi, kindly hosted the hotly-anticipated pop-up fashion show in the tasteful surrounds of her personal residence. Exceeding all expectations, the event did not disappoint. Elegance, romance and luxurious decadence were the words of the day as the cosmopolitan City of Light met the heirs to the renowned sophistication of Java’s former royal courts.

The ACF couturiers who contributed COUTURíSSIMO designs included Indonesia’s talented Sebastian Gunawan. His atelier frequently draws upon the incredibly rich and varied textile heritage from across Indonesia’s expansive archipelago, combining it with European design flair and artisan tailoring. In addition to Sebastian, French designers On Aura Tout Vu contributed a much lauded flair to the event, with their fitted waists, dramatic silhouettes and a spirit of the risqué.

The opening event for the three-day pop-up salon show commenced with much anticipation and was complemented with enticing refreshments of local Indonesian delicacies and a talented barista creating heavenly coffee from the finest local Javan and Sumatran coffee estates.

The success of this Parisian-style salon privé show in Jakarta bodes well for the upcoming COUTURíSSIMO pop-up store in one of the city's most exclusive retail locations.

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