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Forging A New Partnership with the Chinese Fashion Association (CFA)

The ACF has always valued the importance of partnerships and collaborations, in particular with those organisations and federations which share a vision for the promotion of Asian couture and fashion talent. One that the ACF has been working towards closer collaboration is the Chinese Fashion Association (CFA). The CFA aims to influence and promote the creative design of ethnically Chinese creators and designers. With the goal of bringing high Chinese fashion and goods to the world stage, the CFA promotes, supports, and sponsors Chinese designers in a field that has long since forgotten the influence of Asia and its history of high quality goods. Such a focus resonates with the ACF's own efforts to promote and preserve Asian couture talent.

Accordingly, the ACF undertook a two day workshop with the CFA at its headquarters in Taipei in Taiwan (ROC). Under the guidance of CFA Chairwoman of the Board, Mrs. Yolanda Ho Chen, members of the ACF and CFA discussed a number of key areas for potential collaboration. Also discussed were the various strategies and initiatives undertaken by the ACF as part of a knowledge sharing and best practice session. These sessions proved fruitful and productive and culminated in a special dinner to mark the occasion. Sealing the agreement to continue dialogue and discussion as well as investigate the opportunities for future partnership, Dr. Frank Cintamani, Founding President of the ACF and Mrs. Yolanda Ho Chen, Chairwomen of the Board of the CFA signed an Memorandum of Understanding. A key feature of the MOU was the agreement that " Both sides agree that they share with each other their respective goals and vision in the areas of high couture promotion, collectible and sustainable fashion, and the Chinese traditional core values."

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