Jinan in Style International Fashion Week

November 19, 2019

A dialogue between the cultural city of Jinan and international fashion design masters by Jinan Municipal Government & the Asian Couture Federation (ACF).

 Jinan in Style International Fashion Week, hosted by the Jinan Municipal Government and the Asian Couture Federation (ACF), has officially opened in Jinan International Fashion Creative Center, Shandong, China, the three-day international fashion week started on November 19 and will run until November 21. This is the first couture fashion week hosted by the ACF in China with six couturiers all of whom are world class design masters gathered in Jinan. With a focus on building a platform for global fashion design innovators, the event celebrates the borderless nature of creativity and seeks to promote the revival and flourishing of traditional culture and artisan skills in the contemporary era.


Jinan in Style International Fashion Week focuses on the global trend of integrating traditional culture with contemporary design. Shandong, "hometown of Confucius and Mencius, state of rites", is the center of Chinese traditional culture. It provides an occasion for international couturiers to have discussions and dialogues in this famous cultural city. It reflects not only the overall positioning of "fashion culture" represented by this international fashion week, but also has important practical significance for Shandong, where the textile and clothing industry is one of its key pillar industries. In doing so, it promotes the local textile and clothing industry in line with the strong international design ethos and hopes to accelerate the process of industrial upgrading from manufacturing to brand design, to create an open and dynamic position for Jinan on the global fashion market.


This event brings together important members of ACF, whose member designers are all internationally famous couture designers, fashion industry leaders and experts. They will be an integral part of the Jinan in Style International Fashion Week opening ceremony, ACF Awards Gala, Forum with Masters and six top couture fashion shows. The three-day event will present the most authoritative and influential creative and knowledge exchanges in the fashion industry and a sensory feast integrating fashion and culture.

Couture Show Unparalleled artistic charm

Six internationally renowned designers, including Ms. Guo Pei, who is currently the only Chinese member and the first Asian member of La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris. She is joined by renowned wedding dress couturier from Japan - Yumi Katsura, acclaimed menswear designer from South Korea SONGZIO, and fellow South Korean and extraordinary talent Lie Sang Bong. Finishing the line
up is the exceptional creativity of Sebastian Gunawan from Indonesia, the prodigious talent of Paolo Sebastian from Australia. Together, they demonstrate the modern revival of the classic skills of couture and their own traditional heritage and cultures onto a unique and exciting event. 


Forum with Masters Global trends in fashion design

Jinan in Style International Fashion Week Forum with Masters is moderated by Ms. Casey Hall, the Business of Fashion's (BoF) Asia correspondent. This unique event will discuss the global trends of fashion design, as well as the opportunities and challenges facing Asian fashion designers, couturiers and industry leaders. From the vertical extension of the clothing industry chain to the horizontal coverage of the fashion industry, it explores the integration of traditional design and artisan couture skills in the modern age and the increasing regional and global convergence in the industry.


Dr. Frank Cintamani, Founding President of Asian Couture Federation, said, "The Asian Couture Federation was established to represent and promote the very best couture talent in Asia and on a select basis internationally. Without doubt, China has one of the most important cultural and artistic legacies in the world, and continues to wield an important influence and impact on numerous global industries and fashion in particular. As such, we fully endorse the cooperation this international fashion week represents, and I am delighted that the Jinan in Style International Fashion Week in Shandong Province will play a key role in showcasing the most exceptional couture talent from across Asia Pacific, and also serve as a valuable reminder of China's own unique creative heritage."


Guo Pei Couture Show
Guo Pei S/S 2019 Couture Collection

Ms. Guo Pei, who is currently the only Chinese member and the first Asian
member of La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris.
From the Goddess Chang’e in the Moon Palace to the fairies in the Dragon Palace,
the alluring and romantic mythology of the East boasts a long history. In the folklores
of the East, a palace was not only home to the royal family, it was also the spiritual
resting place for those who had cultivated and attained Tao, or underlying natural
order of the Universe. In Chinese, the word gong (meaning, palace) is both a symbol
of supreme power and a synonym for the queen. The palace is both a paradise on
earth and a habitat for gods. For 5,000 years of Chinese history, the palace had been
the stage of timeless legends and scores of human dramas. For her Spring/Summer
2019 haute couture show in Paris, Guo Pei will recount the stories of “Eastern Palaces”
(donggong), using the finest of traditional Chinese craftsmanship incorporated with
Western stylistic elements and contemporary technical innovation.



Zio Song, known as SONGZIO. Songzio has been at the forefront of fashion design
for over 20 years, being madeChairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of Korea
(CFDK 2016-2018),being made an Honorary Ambassador of Seoul, and being
recognised as oneof the 51 Leaders of Korea by Forbes Magazine.

Paul Vasileff with 30 pieces for Jinan in Style International Fashion Week

The 2007 launch of the first Paolo Sebastian collection marked the seventeen-year-
old designer’s foray into the fashion world. At just twenty-nine years of age, designer

Paul Vasileff has unquestionably made his mark in the fashion industry with his skill
and the scope of his creative vision. Paul Vasileff will present a 30 piece couture
runway show at this year’s Jinan International Fashion Design Festival, the first time
he has presented his gowns in Asia.

Sebastian Gunawan Couture Show
Indonesian fashion designer Sebastian Gunawan “INCANTESIMO”

Incantesimo is an Italian word, defined as "the implied sense of impressing". The
concept of the collection was inspired by the evolutionary lifestyle which took place
in the 1900 - 1930 era, when architecture and art were both intensely evolved through
time. Through Incantesimo, Sebastian and Cristina wanted to prove their ability in
manipulating materials, designing patterns, exploring volumes, and integrating them
into one solid whole look.

South Korean and extraordinary talent LIE SANGBONG

The Spirit of the Oriental Culture
The oriental culture has always been a key element to LIE SANGBONG’s designs.
Inspired by the past, the present, and the future; LIE SANGBONG uses couture
constructions, avant-garde and timeless silhouettes that tell a story of the label’s iconic
and cultural heritage. The show begins as a reflection through several looks of the
brand’s most prominent collections, continuing to the second part of the show inspired
by the bright color palette of the geometric motif found in historical Korean
architecture, Dancheong. The show ends with LIE SANGBONG’s Spring Summer
2020. This season’s collection uses flowers, butterflies and checker graphics to express
a modern couture elements and avant-garde silhouettes that represent the past, the
present, and the future.


Ms. YUMI KATSURA, renowned wedding dresss couturier from Japan

A pioneer of bridal fashion in Japan, Yumi Katsura has been always in the forefront of the
wedding fashion industry. She contines to realize dreams of the beautiful wedding scenes
through numerous bridal fashion shows in more than 20 cities in the world and hence she is
known as "Missionary of Bridal". She became the first member of the Haute Couture of Cmera
Nazionale Della Moda Italiana from Asia in 1999. Since 2003 she has showcased her couture
collections in Paris. At this time, YUMI KATSURA is thrilled to announce the representative
couture collection, wedding dress, evening dress, kimono, Japonesque dress inspired by the
beauty of Japanese cultures and traditional techniques. At this time, YUMI KATSURA is
thrilled to announce the representative couture collection, wedding dress, evening dress,
kimono, Japonesque dress inspired by the beauty of Japanese cultures and traditional
techniques. Yumi Katsura builds a bridge between Japanese ancestral techeniques, such as
Nishijin Ori weaving ,the Yuzen silk dying, “suminagashi” (marbling ink) and gradation
dyeing with French femininity: elegant,self-confident and timeless.Rooted in Paris fashion,
the shapes of the fashion house symbolize her identity.

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