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Day 1 Jinan in Style International Fashion Week - Guo Pei

Given this landmark event was being held in China, it was only fitting that for Day 1 of the Jinan in Style International Fashion Week, the country's foremost couturier should open it. As such, over 400 VIP's, key guests and members of the media were treated to an exceptional runway show from the iconic and unique, Guo Pei. Always one to dazzle and inspire, the show was a tour de force from this renowned designer. Each gown represents the epitome of refined luxury, countless hours of painstaking craftsmanship and above all a singular vision. Traditional Chinese culture, symbols and motifs were infused in many pieces replete in Imperial reds, yellows and gold. Fine embroidery, opulent silks and delicate beading conveyed a sense of majesty and grandeur. They were juxtaposed with pale blues, deep sapphire blue and creams. A feminine and accessible touch but nonetheless impressive. Carefully embroidered flowers, birds and fauna underscored Guo Pei's command of detail and symbolism.

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