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Day 1 Jinan in Style International Fashion Week - SONGZIO

A Governor of the ACF, and Asia's leading men's wear designer SONGZIO brought his own inimitable style to the runway of Day 1 of the Jinan in Style International Fashion Week. A fused medley of the 2019 Fall Winter and 2020 Spring Summer collections, the combined result was both a tribute to SONGZIO's muted palette of blacks and greys as well as vibrant yellows, oranges and acqua blues. The darker undertones of the Sanctuary Collection incorporated SONGZIO's signature white motifs on flowing black fabrics, voluminous jackets and coats, and casual tops and trousers. The bright and playful Four Seasons Collection set out to beguile and impress with colours that spanned the seasons from cool pale pinks to russet reds and warm yellows. Whatever the case, everything exuded the quality of cut, craftsmanship and well-proportioned silhouette that one would expect from the designer. Proving once again that SONGZIO Homme is at the apex of menswear.

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