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Day 2 Jinan in Style International Fashion Week - Paolo Sebastian

Despite his relative youth, Paul Vasileff and his couture label Paolo Sebastian, have quickly established themselves as Australia's foremost couturier and atelier. His first foray into showcasing in China, Paolo Sebastian opened Day 2 of the Jinan in Style International Fashion Week runway shows with aplomb. The 30-piece presentation featured iconic gowns from collections including The Snow Maiden, Wildflowers, Reverie, Once Upon a Dream, The Nutcracker and The Starlet. A common thread, which is prominent in all of Vasileff’s collections, is his inspiration from fables and fairy tales. Each collection holds true to the label’s mainstay; the creation of a grand story through expertly crafted couture. Romantic and ethereal, the runway was replete with some of Vasileff’s most iconic silhouettes including illusion necklines and sweeping ball-gowns all of which were brought to life with hand-sewn embroidery and delicate crystal embellishment. Feminine and exquisite, the colour palette of starlight, ice blue, petal pink and rose was a huge hit with the audience.

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