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The first Jinan in Style International Fashion Week

A dialogue between the cultural city “Jinan” and international fashion design masters By Jinan Municipal Government & the Asian Couture Federation (ACF) To creates a new platform for Jinan international fashion and to promote the local textile and clothing industry, one of the five major pillar industries of Shandong province.

The first Jinan in Style International Fashion Week (November 19 to 21, 2019) hosted by the Jinan Municipal Government and the Asian Couture Federation (ACF) has successfully hold in Jinan International Fashion Creative Center, Shandong, China. This is the first couture fashion week hosted by the ACF in China with six couturiers all of whom are world-class design masters gathered in Jinan. With a focus on building a platform for global fashion design innovators, the event celebrates the borderless nature of creativity and seeks to promote the revival and flourishing of traditional culture and artisan skills in the contemporary era.

Six internationally renowned designers, important members of ACF, including Guo Pei, currently the only Chinese member and the first Asian member of La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris. Yumi Katsura, renowned Japaness wedding dresss couturier, acclaimed menswear designer SONGZIO and extraordinary talent Lie Sang Bong from South Korea, Sebastian Gunawan from Indonesia and the prodgious talent of Paolo Sebastian from Australia, participate the event and host the couture show. The Forum with Masters has been moderated by Ms. Casey Hall, Business of Fashion's (BoF) Asia correspondent, to discuss the global trends of fashion design, as well as the opportunities and challenges facing Asian fashion designers, couturiers and industry leaders.

Dr. Frank Cintamani, Founding President, AsianCouture Federation, said, "The Asian Couture Federation was established to represent and promote the very best couture talent in Asia and on the international stage. Without doubt, China has one of the most important cultural and artistic legacies in the world, and continues to wield an important influence and impact on numerous global industries and fashion in particular. As such, we fully support the cooperation of this international fashion week, and I am delighted that the Jinan in Style International Fashion Week in Shandong Province will play a key role in showcasing the most exceptional couture talent from across Asia Pacific, but also serve as a valuable reminder of China's own unique creative heritage."

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