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Day 2 Jinan in Style International Fashion Week - Sebastian Gunawan

For over 25 years, Jakarta based couturier Sebastian Gunawan has been at the forefront of the Indonesian couture industry. Closing Day 2 of the Jinan in Style International Fashion Week, he proved his mettle and why he is one of the most inspiring couturiers of his generation. With a collection called 'Incantesimo' - an Italian word, defined as 'the implied sense of impressing' and inspired by the evolutionary lifestyle which took place in the 1900 - 1930 era, his looks were both architectural and refined. Gowns featured the classic geometrical motifs of the period and were applied in various materials such as tulle, velvet, sequins, and jacquard. Counter balancing this, were floral designs giving the collection a feminine and elegant look. Bold and visceral, the palette of ruby reds and brilliant yellows offset with delicate pinks and creams was worked into pieces of sublime volume and drama.

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