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Director of Communications 


As the Director of Communications, Svetlana Knezevic is responsible for overseeing the Asian Couture Federation's communications strategy and key media relationships. An experienced London based editor and consultant, she has developed an extensive knowledge of international creative markets and has published articles on fashion, art and popular culture on every continent as well as several languages (from Vogue Australia, Vogue India, ELLE India, Vogue Hellas, Vogue Germany, Vogue Espana, Vogue Portugal, Vogue US (online) Vogue L'Uomo (online) ELLE Croatia, ELLE Turkey to ELLE Canada, Veja LUXO and ELLE Brazil). She is also a regular attendee at international fashion events (from Paris Fashion Week to South Korea) a commentator for British Vogue (online) Vogue Italia & Harpers Bazaar UK (online) as well as for the Asahi Shimbun- Japan's leading newspaper.

Having been involved with the Asian Couture Federation since its inception, Svetlana Knezevic has worked to support it in fulfilling it's mission.

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