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The designer Tex Saverio is one of the latest in a line of fashion talents hailing from the burgeoning scene of fashion schools and couture ateliers of Jakarta. In Indonesia he is often likened to Alexander McQueen, and like him knew where his passions lay from a young age.
Prior to graduating senior school, Saverio was already enrolled in Jakarta’s Bunka Fashion School.

In September 2005, Saverio won a national award in the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award, which qualified him to compete against other Southeast Asian designers in 2006. Following this, in order to further his craft, he took on an apprenticeship at Phalie Studio School of Art and Design.

Saverio’s designs are much sought after by international celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian, all of whom have worn Saverio’s work.



  • Finalist of Concour Internationale De Jeunes Creatures De Mode in 2003

  • Best Country of Concours Internationale De Jeunes Creatures de Bijoux in 2004

  • Inspiring People Award 2011 by HP in 2011

  • Recognition for Contribution & Achievement in Indonesia Fashion Industry

  • Amica Indonesia Awards 2011

  • Most Talented Young Fashion Designer 2011

  • Jakarta Java Kini Awards 2011

  • Most Creative Mind in Fashion & Design 2011

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