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With over three decades of service at Bunka Gakuen, Yoshio Kakishima is the current Director of the Office of International Programs at Bunka Fashion College and Bunka Gakuen University. In his extensive career, he has forged strong ties with highly acclaimed fashion educational institutes worldwide along with promoting the importance of Fashion education and academic endeavours.



Fashion has shifted from the basic garment for the necessity to Fashion being fully integrated into our lifestyle and culture, enriching one's quality of life. It is the responsibility of Fashion institutes to integrate this holistic idea of Fashion into its’ curriculum. Mr. Kakishima is investing his efforts to act as an intermediary to merge both industry needs and Fashion’s essential mission. There is also a strong focus from a global perspective to nurture the new fashion leaders of the future.



There is no denying that Couture is an essential part of Fashion’s complex structure. In this fast paced consumer focused world, the fashion industry has aligned itself to keep up with the demand. A consequence of this is the prêt-a-porter cycle may restrict time to nurture creativity and innovation at this accelerated pace. People generally forget about the true beauty and value of a garment which encapsulates the essence and spirit of Couture. Mr. Kakishima is passionate about reviving the spirit of Couture with in Fashion academia while assisting young future hopefuls with their chance to be seen for their true talent and abilities.

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