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Yuki Sakaguchi hails from a family steeped in art, tradition, and culture. Her great-grandfather was a kendo master in Japan and the police commissioner of Osaka, who was later appointed as the chief of royal guards to the late Emperor Showa. Her grandfather was a foreign ambassador, while her grandmother was the recently retired headmistress on the art of Japanese Koryu style tea ceremony. True to her rich, inspirational lineage, Yuki is passionate about all things creative, from fashion to interior design to crafting jewellery.

Instrumental in the securing of renowned Japanese fashion designers for the inaugural Singapore Men’s Fashion Week Singapore in 2011 by Fide Fashion Weeks, Yuki is also a member of the organising team behind Cool Japan, an annual event held in Singapore to showcase the best of Japanese culture. A judge at the JCC (Japan Creative Centre) Sustainable Fashion Contest, helmed by the Japan Embassy in Singapore, the senior executive at Fide Fashion Weeks is also the president of the Japanese Association for Women in Singapore (JAWS).

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