The mission of the Asian Couture Federation (ACF) is to inspire, support, and promote the best design and fashion talent both within Asia and across the world.  Established in 2013 the ACF has since expanded beyond Asia, into the Middle East and in Europe. The Asian Couture Federation has successfully inducted highly qualified designers and governors all of whom are prominent fashion industry figures, from 14 countries around the world such as, Australia, China, UAE, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


The ACF is a self-financed organisation governed by its mission, organisational charter, and bylaws. The ACF is the first pan-Asian body in Asia to recognize, support and promote the Asian Couturiers who have exhibited the highest levels of artistry in fashion design. Additionally, the ACF supports talented couture-level designers globally as part of its international program and on a select basis. Members are admitted after a nomination by a membership subcommittee and are subject to criteria established by the Governors Committee


Proactive in its approach, the ACF works closely with a number of leading, internationally recognised, fashion federations, fashion weeks and fashion schools. It has also received support and recognition from numerous Head of States and governmental departments.


Learn more about the ACF, our leaders and members as well as its extensive range of activities and events here in our ACF Annual Report.



The ACF is the first organisation in Asia to recognise, support and promote Asian couture-level designers. On a regional basis, The ACF also supports talented,emerging designers region-wide through the following activities:


• Establishing relationships with ACF counterparts in major fashion markets (CFDA, BFC, CFDK, CFA, AltaRoma and La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture) to globally promote our designers.


• Collaborating with international fashion weeks in order to present member-designers with a platform outside of their home country.


• Creating and implementing programs with corporate sponsors to support and promote ACF design talents and products to a global market.


• Working with top international fashion schools to organise annual design competitions in order to identify and support the next generation of Asia-based talent.


• Organising fundraising campaigns to finance and sustain ACF and its activities from now and into the future. 


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