The Jinan in Style International Fashion Week (JSIFW) is a groundbreaking initiative between the Asian Couture Federation and the Provincial Government of Shandong and the City of Jinan Government. The first dedicated couture platform in China, it showcases the most exceptional couture from across Asia Pacific and on a select basis internationally. Jinan and indeed Shandong Province has a long and established history of textiles and fabric manufacturing.


This unique event has a number of key goals, which are as follows: 

  • To provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, create business networks and business opportunities especially for the development of couture. 

  • To celebrate and promote China’s cultural renaissance as well as a reflection of its long tradition and history in the creative arts. 

  • To celebrate the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the participating designers, their creativity and originality and the opportunity to initiate cultural exchange. 

  • To promote Shandong as a centre of excellence in the global textile industry. 

The Jinan in Style International Fashion Week is aptly held in Jinan, the so-called 'City of Springs'. This historic city represents thousands of years of history, creativity and productivity in China. Likewise, Shandong the province in which it is located is a true economic powerhouse and belongs to one of the most prosperous provinces of China. Its economic aggregate since 2007 ranks at the 3rd place among all provinces in China. For an event that celebrates couture, Jinan and Shandong are at the heart of Chinese culture. The event venue is at Mingfu City, which goes back over 600 years to the Ming Dynasty. An extensive restoration process has revived the old town of the past. 


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