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The Asian Couture Federation (ACF) aims to inspire, support and promote the most exceptional couture talent both within Asia and across the world. 

The ACF intends to facilitate and co-create expanded business opportunities, enabling talented Asian designers to remain based in Asia whilst expanding global sales to an increasingly discerning and connected customer base. 

The members of the Asian Couture Federation (ACF) represent the best of Asia’s as well as international, fashion talent. Designer Members are admitted after a nomination by a membership subcommittee and are subject to criteria established by the Governors Committee. There are two tiers of membership; one for Senior Members who are given the title of “Asian Couturier Extraordinaire,” and one for “Invited Members” to acknowledge designers who exhibit exceptional potential.


On a select basis the ACF also recognises international designers who have exhibited a consistent level of artistry and are given the title “International Couturier Extraordinaire”. Furthermore, as part of its mission  to recognise a wider level of design creativity  the ACF also introduced a new category of “Jewellery and Accessories Designer”.



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> International Couturier Extraordinaire

> Jewellery and Accessories Designer

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