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With his founding of Charitybuzz in 2005, Coppy Holzman changed the perceptions of charitable giving forever.


This charitable foundation was created in Coppy’s Connecticut home following a garden fundraiser that he helped organize for a neighbor and which was attended by then President, Bill Clinton. What was originally a humorous thought shared with one of the guests at the fundraiser (Chevy Chase) about auctioning off a ‘Caddy Shack experience’ with Bill Murray, actually became one of the first accomplished projects for his highly original and massively popular charity. Under the direction of Coppy, Charitybuzz has raised millions of dollars by harnessing the power of pop culture and technology.


It is with great honour that the Asian Couture Federation gives the award for 'Outstanding Contribution to Global Philanthropy' to Coppy Holzman who has changed the world's perception of charitable giving in 21st century.

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