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The Asian Couture Federation is honoured to announce the induction of our new International Couturier Extraordinaire from the United Kingdom who has been thrilling London with her show-stopping couture gowns since the 90s. Hailing from the stylish and bohemian coastal town of Brighton, this talented couturier’s fashion story goes back to at least the age of fifteen, when she left school to learn about fabrics and techniques from her pattern-cutting mother and began to deconstruct antique couture. After some twenty five years in the business she has grown an incredibly loyal customer base and her clients now include royalty and noted celebrities. While couturier-in-residence at Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel, her Hollywood client-base began to blossom and her couture gowns have since walked down red carpets from Cannes to Hollywood. 


From her atelier in London, our designer has always seen the client as her muse and works at every step to co-create the perfect couture gown. Whether a gown shimmers with almost thirty thousand Swarovski crystals or floats through the air with forty thousand hand-sewn Nagoire feathers, they are all a sight to behold.

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