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Tamae Hirokawa’s fashion label Somarta (ソマルタ) was quickly embraced as an important new breed in Japanese design and soon seized the attention of the international press. As a former Issey Miyake team member, Hirokawa makes use of lace, masks, and macramé. She also displays a more conceptual approach to fashion design than many of her Japanese contemporaries.


Hirokawa joined Issey Miyake after graduating from Apparel Design at
Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College in 1998. As a designer, she took charge of the collection line of both Issey Miyake men and Issey Miyake. Soma deSiGn was launched in March 2006 to create
fashion, graphic design, sound, and art direction. The same date also saw the concurrent launch of Somarta.

Like her mentor Issey Miyake, Hirokawa makes abundant use of advanced Japanese textile technology. Many celebrities have worn her designs, including Lady Gaga and Madonna.



  • Newcomer Prize, 25th Fashion Grand Prix

  • Shiseido Sponsorship Award

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