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Towako debuted as the “Image Model of Japan Airlines,”which instantly made her famous throughout Japan. Her acting career began after a modeling contract with a Japanese fashion magazine. She rose to stardom quickly with her popularity and huge fan base with immense media exposure from magazines, TV, and radio.

Towako married Mr. Kimijima, a former dermatologist, in 1996 and retired from her successful decade-long acting career, but remained active in the fashion and beauty circles as she was frequently interviewed and featured by the Japanese media. She published several beauty books which became national bestsellers, as they allowed her fans a peek into her personal and beauty lifestyle.

“FELICE TOWAKO COSME” was jointly-established in 2005 by Towako and her husband, using her 20 years of beauty experience and her husband’s specialized medical knowledge. A devoted mother of two girls, she continues to develop innovative and effective skin care and cosmetic products for Asian women as the Creative Director. She regularly shares her aesthetic secrets and knowledge with her fans in the highly popular “Towako Juku” beauty education event that is held periodically in Japan.

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