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The Asian Couture Federation is born! <br><br>

It’s been a pretty tumultuous few years for Asian fashion – especially couture designers from the region, who are starting to become household names and stage shows on an international level.

So it stands to reason that the next step for this growing scene is to create its own formal body to represent it and protect its interests. This is exactly where the Asian Couture Federation (ACF) sashays into view.

Inspired by bodies such as the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, the ACF has just been conceived to recognise, promote and nurture couture fashion talents within the region.

It will also be helmed by fashion entrepreneurs and experts who will guide and direct the federation.

Run in the same manner as the French Couture establishment, the ACF will include Senior Members as well as Invited Members who will be nominated by the Membership

Subcommittee and be subject to the criteria set beforehand by the Governors Committee.

The current senior members include Guo Pei (China), Sebastian Gunawan (Indonesia), Yumi Katsura (Japan), Junko Koshino (Japan), Lie Sang Bong (Korea), Michael Cinco (Philippines) and Frederick Lee (Singapore). The invited members are Yoshiki Hishinuma (Japan) and Vatit Itthi (Thailand).

The news about ACF come at a time where the interest in couture is rising in the region. Whether it is well-heeled clients and celebrities from China, Thailand and Singapore heading to Paris and occupying a considerable portion of the front row during the Haute Couture Fashion Week – or it is the exposure people in Asia are getting to couture through events in the past couple of years such as the Couture Fashion Week last year in Singapore.

The same people behind the latter at FIDé Fashion Weeks have come up this initiative, namely Frank Cintamani who will also be the President of ACF.

The formal inauguration for the Asian Couture Federation on October 14 will overlap with The Fashion Week 2013 organised by FIDé and which will be staged for 11 days (9 – 19 October 2013) at Marina Bay Sands, The Shoppes in Singapore. It will be showcasing Haute Couturiers from France like Stephane Rolland and Julien Fournié as well as Asian couture designers (the current members of the ACF mentioned above), pret-a-porter and men’s fashion shows.

The whole experience promises to be a big fashion bonanza, that has something for everyone (read all about it here).

Marie France Asia will be there to cover the shows and have exclusive interviews with some of the designers so watch this space for more.

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