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ACF Couturiers Play out Super Hi-Fashion<br><br>

Time: November 19-21, 2019

Where: Jinan city, Shandong, China

Event : Jinan in Style International Fashion Week

ACF (Asian Couture Federation)

CFA(Chinese Fashion Association)

For three consecutive nights, we were fully absorbed, or totally immersed in the fantastic magical realm of Fashion performances play out by six Asian Couture and Hi-Fashion Design Masters presented by the ACF (Asian Couture Federation) :

Racing imagination, bursting creativity, the audience as us, were constantly amazed and mesmerized by each and every ACF (Asia Couture Federation) couturier and designer’s takes, in performing their own kind of magic at will: by sending those most fascinating creatures down the runway: they are the Fairies, the Goddess of Eastern Celestial Palaces, the Angels of some Heavenly Paradises, the mysterious Queen descended from some exotic culture, or the Princesses and Princes of everyone’s ultimate fantasy and dream world...

The models, “crowned” by their very striking looks supremely appointed by their designers’ majestic creativity and their ateliers’ skills of perfection, did not stop to provoke fascination and shower surprises through all the moments pacing their walks on stage. While ushering admiration, the collections resonate deeply to even prompt our moving tears (not at all an exaggeration, those who sat aside us in the audience said so as well !)

Yumi Katsura

Sebastian Gunawan

Paolo Sebastian by Paul Vasileff

LIE SangBong


The first collection is play out by China’s premiere Master Couturist: Ms. Guo Pei ( - a guest

member of Paris’ Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture since 2016, and founding member

of ACF) . Her 30 plus models brought in from Beijing had been meticulously dressed, and

magnificently styled and transformed to become the incredibly flamboyant, deeply

mysterious heavenly creatures: the Goddess, the Fairies, the Queens and the Princesses of

some Oriental exotic realm far beyond.

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