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Sebastian Gunawan in Singapore <br/><br/><br/>

Held at an exclusive member-only club, atop one of Singapore’s premium commercial tower, a surprise was set up awaiting the arrival of Asian Couture Federation’s senior member, Sebastian Gunawan.

For the Asian Couturier Extraordinaire, it was just a customary visit to Singapore, one that typically involves visiting close friends, and soaking in what the sun-drenched island has to offer.

Amidst the lively conversations and idea exchanges about couture and future plans between Sebastian Gunawan’s Couture House and the ACF, Founding President Dr. Frank Cintamani and Vice President Ms. Emily Hwang presented their dear friend with a surprise, and a light-hearted cake cutting ceremony ensued, making for the perfect conclusion to a splendid afternoon.

Finally, the ACF would like to once again wish Sebastian a prosperous year ahead!

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