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Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (TPFF) Opening Night <br/><br/><br/>

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (TPFF), Western Australia’s largest annual fashion event, showcased an international program for the first time.

In its 16th year, Telstra Perth Fashion Festival was sited at the new venue Fashion Paramount located at the Perth Concert Hall in the City of Perth. Alongside a new venue, the festival also formed a partnership with FIDé Fashion Weeks and the Asian Couture Federation to introduce international content for the first time, showcasing two pre-eminent couturiers Sebastian Gunawan and Michael Cinco.

Kicking off the festival, is the showcase of Western Australian leading designer, Alvin Fernandez of Ae’lkemi, who was joined by Asian Couturier Extraordinaires, Sebastian Gunawan and Michael Cinco.

Seated on front row, was the Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Perth Lisa Scaffidi as well as popular style icon, Dannii Minogue. FIDé Fashion Weeks Chairman Dr. Frank Cintamani and Asian Couture Federation Vice President Emily Hwang and our international media guests, Diane Pernet, Robb Young and Alexandra Kohut Cole.

Ael’kemi kicked off the night with a high-energy show, presenting 25 bespoke looks specially created for the opening show. For the first time, Alvin experimented with laser cut designs, inspired by Venetian Gothic architecture, and it gave his collection a refreshing twist. Many of Ae’lkemi’s looks consisted of an exquisite mix of structured bodices contrasted with flowing bottoms, which when complemented with loud rocker make up and wavy hair, portrays the femme fatal and seductive side of the modern woman.

The pace slowed as the night progressed the music trailed into a mellow tune with a poignant voice when Dubai based couturier Michael Cinco took the spotlight. Michael Cinco took inspiration from the spring bloom for his collection, with his usual emphasis on creating the effect of radiant and translucent skin with the expert embellishment of crystals. Michael toned down from his previous rich colour palettes, and instead chose softer pastel hues with matching make up, which exudes a demure, aristocratic air.

Sebastian Gunawan concluded the Opening Night with a playful and romantic collection, inspired by Danish Painter, Johan Laurentz Jenses who is famous for his still life flower paintings in the 17th century. Structured and mysterious, the collection, which consisted of 35 bespoke looks ended the night of fashion extravaganza on a high note.

Finally, FIDé Fashion Weeks would also like to thank our partner, the Hawaiian Group, without which, the partnership with Telstra Perth fashion Festival would not have been possible.

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