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ACF Awards – Couturista Party <br/><br/><br/>

Immediately following the Awards Gala, 1,200 guests gathered for a special after party. Asia’s biggest fashion party was hosted by the Asian Couture Federation’s Vice President, Emily Hwang. The collective audience was invited to see the world of couture through her eyes.

Bringing the party to a rousing start, Emily made her entrance ‘rat pack’ style flanked by three tuxedo dressed singers and four dancers to the beat of “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Grand entrance complete, the audience was entertained with renditions of more classic big band numbers. Following which, Emily Hwang welcomed her guests with a personal message of thanks and a call to enjoy what was to be the most sought after party in town.

The earlier reference to diamonds was most appropriate as global luxury brand MCM took to the runway with their Spring / Summer 2015 diamond inspired collection. Bedazzling, sparkling and entirely magical it brought MCM to new heights with its crystalline-adornments, holographic geometrical patterns and searing colours. Watching MCM’s crowd pleasing show from the VIP tables was Paolo Fontanelli, CEO of MCM International who had flown in specially for the evening.

Getting everyone into the party mood, guests were served special cocktails from Roberto Cavalli Vodka. This luxury premium vodka was the perfect accompaniment for the night’s ‘couturistas’ as they sipped on Cobra and Marabu cocktails. With the addition of champagne and fine wines, guests certainly got into the swing of things. Adding their own touch of refinement was TWG Tea, which set up a special dessert buffet with a selection of their petits fours and sweet treats, which proved to be very popular.

As Asia’s most significant fashion party, the room was dedicated to revealing all aspects unique to the world of couture. A vision seen through Emily Hwang’s eyes, guests were able to get hair and make up tips from Shunji Matsuo and M.A.C Cosmetics. With special sections set up for their teams, stylists were on hand to share their own experiences, advice and insight into the latest runway looks.

Revealing what happens behind the camera at a photo shoot, a special area was set up to allow guests to have professional photo taken. L’Officiel was also on hand with their own area dedicated to the high-end world of fashion magazines. With photo shoots, tips and guidance, guests had plenty of expert advice on hand.

As the highest form of fashion the room also brought guests close to the creators of couture. Renowned couturiers, Basil Soda from Lebanon and Renato Balestra from Italy had their own ateliers complete with exquisite pieces on display. Guests had the unique opportunity to talk to these world-class designers about how couture is made, the materials, ideas and vision that go into creating these one off pieces.

Representing the Asian Couture Federation was a display of 17 priceless gowns of all member designers both Asian Couturier Extraordinaire and Invited Members. The extensive installation provided a universe of creativity for guests to enjoy and admire. With creativity, artistry and craftsmanship on display this was the most comprehensive collection to be presented in the region.

As guests mixed and mingled, the party mood continued as specially invited DJ’s from the AOS Collective – of Tang, Andrew and Dave saw the evening out. And thanks to the Asian Couture Federation’s Vice President, Emily Hwang, for fashion lovers and aficionados this was the most exclusive fashion party of the year.

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